Dexter cows and calves

Dexter cows and calves

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bred cows

Hi,  I'm in the Illinois Valley just a few miles over the border.  Sorry, I do not have any bred cows (for sale) at this time.  I will be putting my bull in with the herd at the end of this month.  Half the pasture herd was aborted but I have to keep them isolated for another 30 days

I have some lovely little heifers that are being halter trained.  They are open but are old enough for breeding.


Zephyr Hill said...

Hi, I just found your blog after seeing your link when you commented on Kim Newswanger's post about the PDCA. We bought Sara, our first Dexter, from Jeff & Kim last December and now have a darling heifer, Siobhan, who was born Nov. 4. We are very discouraged with the two registries and their fighting, trying to figure out what's really going on. By the way, I think Jacob's sheep are so neat! We met some a few years ago while driving through Texas with our two horses.

Susan Lea

Hope said...

The pictures on your blog are really awesome. You should send some of them to The Green Life's farm photo contest. Check it out and keep writing.

D.Hausmann said...

My wife and I are interested in obtaining a Dexter for a family milk cow. We are getting a little past middle age and need a gentle animal

I love my sheep!

I love my sheep!
My sheep love me :-)))